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Ux Process Engineer

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Ux Process Engineer

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UX will use UX design best practices, conceptual models, personas, trends, and internal documentation standards to lead or support User Acceptance Testing for company initiatives. UX/may also provide some portions of the UX Design. Ideal candidate may analyze business requirements, company services and products, production systems, other designs, and information from usability or focus group studies to perform UAT and/or to compliment the design. UX Design documentation to be developed includes:

:Detailed use cases and scenarios
:User Interface Designs:
:Mockups (including icons and images)
:Accessibility and Compliance Requirements
:Page Elements and Navigation Requirements
:Copywriting requirements
Finally, UX/UI Designer performs a liaison function between the business side of the organization and the technical (IT) side.


User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

:UX is responsible for supporting the UAT of the designed solution.
:Deliver detailed use cases and scenarios along with the testing monitoring tools to be able to report on progress during the testing effort.
:Create the test plan.
Post Implementation:

:Responsible for post implementation research.
:Support problem solving arising from production issues derived from the release.
:Make sure that the central repository of production system flows is updated with new documentation that reflects the system changes or additions released.
Implementation Support:

:Guide and support cross functional teams during the implementation of company initiatives. Cross functional teams include IT, SQA, PMO, and business or product owners.
:Update portions of the design documentation based on technical discoveries during implementation.
User Experience Design:

:Use UX Design best practices along with a high level of analytical reasoning, creative problem solving, common sense, and acquired client knowledge.
:Analyze multiple information sources and complex processes to understand needs. Information to analyze includes business requirements, available process data and metrics, new and existing systems behavior, applicable business rules, and user needs (through interviews, feedback tools, direct observation, focus group studies, or usability studies).
:Provide creative and experiential leadership during the creation of conceptual diagrams, wireframes and UI mockups.
:Maintain relationships within the different UX Design teams, ensuring that correct information is available for designs.
User training manuals:

:Share knowledge and provide the Training Documentation team with a detailed outline of items to be included for call center training material.

:BS in Industrial Engineering, Information Systems/Software
Engineering/Telecommunications Engineering or Digital majors. Other Engineering disciplines may also be considered.
:BS / BA is acceptable with some research/ analytical work, user interface / user experience knowledge.
:Masters Degree in all the above disciplines may also be considered.
:Masters Degree in general is a plus for the position.
:Experience in Business/Systems analysis, documentation, and reengineering is a plus.
:Experience with Graphic Design, User Experience, Product Design, User Interaction or Conversational channels is a plus.
Essential Skills:

:Ability to translate conceptual ideas into compelling customer experiences, flows, wireframes and mockups.
:Creative design thinking, strong analytical and problem:solving skills.
:Proactive, self:motivated with little or no supervision.
:A high level of motivation and flexibility are critical.
:Eagerness to learn and grow and desire to thrive in a fast:paced environment.
:A passion for building great user experiences, and for great design.
:Ability to communicate ideas in a professional manner to a diverse audience and constructively integrate feedback.
:Excellent interpersonal

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