Space Planning Manager

Space Planning Manager

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Space Planning Manager

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Position Description: Space Planning Manager Department: Merchandising FLSA Status: Exempt Effective Date: 09/11/19

Primary Objective: Responsible for oversight and ensuring execution of the shopping experience component of the merchandising strategy. Works as a liaison between category managers, inventory analysts, store operations, vendors and the marketing team to ensure full 360 degree execution of product introductions, planograms, promotions, secondary placements and store layout. Responsible for new, remodel and remerchandised store’s layout and adjacencies that improve the experience and productivity. Drives and facilitates communication between merchants and store operations to ensure margin and return on investment (ROI) hurdle rates are achieved.

Reports to: Senior Vice President of Merchandising.

Direct Reports: Sr Space Planning Analysts, Space Planning Analysts and Assistant Space Planning Analysts.

Core Competencies:

Customer Focus- Is dedicated to exceeding the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers; Acts with the customer in mind; Establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains trust and respect.
Drive for Results- Can be counted on to exceed goals successfully; Very bottom line oriented; Steadfastly pushes self and others for results.
Integrity and Trust- Is widely trusted, keeps confidences; Is seen as a direct, truthful individual; Admits mistakes, doesn’t misrepresent him/herself for personal gain.
Compassion- Genuinely cares about people; is concerned about their work and non-work life; Is available and ready to help; Demonstrates real empathy with joys and pains of others.
Self-Knowledge- Knows personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and limits; Seeks feedback without getting defensive; open to criticism; Learns from mistakes.
Leadership Competencies:

Drives Vision and Purpose- Communicates a compelling and inspired vision or sense of core purpose; Creates mileposts and symbols to rally support behind a vision; Talks about possibilities for today and beyond; Is optimistic, can inspire and motivate entire department/ teams or organization.
Strategic Agility- Can accurately pain credible pictures of possibilities and likelihood; Can create competitive breakthrough strategies and plans; Can anticipate future consequences and trends accurately.
Motivates Others- Creates a climate in which people take pride in doing their best and feeling empowered; Can Motivate many kinds of direct reports and team or project members; Is someone people like working for and with; considered approachable; Puts people at east; is a good listener.
Problem Solver- Uses rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions; Is excellent at honest analysis; Looks beyond the obvious and doesn’t stop at the first answer; seeks the root of the problem.
Develops Direct Reports and Others- Holds frequent development discussions, is aware of each person’s career goals and constructs effective development plans; Provides current, direct and complete and “actionable positive and corrective feedback”; Is a people builder and shares talent with the company.
Leads with Courage- Is candid, doesn’t hold back anything that needs to be said, let’s people know where they stand; Is not afraid to take positive or negative action when necessary; Puts self in uncomfortable situations; take calculated risks; Encourages feedback.
Major Responsibilities and Duties Which May Be Considered Essential:

Strategic Responsibilities:
Serve as a strategic leader, seeking new, improved and innovative ways to grow sales and profitability.
Ensure merchandising/space planning with Company Mission, Vision and Core Values, and Leadership Competencies.

Seek new, improved and innovative ways to increase effectiveness and proper execution of departmental operations and processes.

Leadership Responsibilities:

Effectively build a high-performing team through solid leadership and proper supervision. Promote and maintain positive employee morale and engagement through an Open Door Policy, consistent two-way communication, cooperation, proper delegation, recognition, and effective on-going performance management, succession planning, hiring, training and development of staff. Must encourage innovation, and foster individual initiative.

Review work of staff to ensure optimal environment through a reduction of ineffective or unnecessary work or process; ensure appropriate resource management and smart process/procedures.

Planogram Management:

Manages the planogram team to ensure accurate and flawless execution of planogram changes
Partners closely with store leadership to effectively communicate any upcoming planograms and their intended result
Provides financial reporting on net effect of planogram changes.
Space Planning (need a team that can pull store footage, PGC6 & PGC8 Sales and GP, run Sales per ft. and GMROI (50%/50% weighted average) to quantify invest and divest by store opportunities))
Continuous Improvement (for self and team must learn new tactics to drive efficiencies and better results // maximize available resources // be an expert in JDA Spacing tool!!)
Ensures the merchandise strategies are being met.
Supports Sku rationalization through analytics.Go To Market Management:
Accountable for the oversight and execution of all go-to-market activities. These activities include, working with marketing to coordinate promotions, overseeing and managing team coop budgets, planogram planning and execution and visual merchandising programs. (i.e. end caps)

Customer Experience (merchandising tactics within POGs, endcaps, etc) that drive sales and basket size.

Partners closely with Category Managers to bring key new programs/products to market and will prioritize initiatives accordingly.

Acts as the point person with marketing to ensure all signage and additional POP materials are developed and executed according to strategy.

Store Execution (communication with stores and merchants to ensure we are executing without error and have a two way street for sales driving ideas/concepts)

Excellent collaboration with store Managers, DMs, Marketing and Merchant teams that drive execution and efficiency.

Assesses the effectiveness of these events via analysis.

Stays abreast of industry best practices to ensure Bartells stays competitive in the marketplace.

Will perform other duties as assigned.

Business Travel is required.
Education and Experience Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in business or related field is preferred.
Minimum of 2 – 4 years of purchasing experience required.A CPP (Certified Purchasing Professional) Certification is also preferred.

Minimum of 2 – 4 years experience in retail required, preferably in a like industry.

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