Profile by Competences

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DEFINE THE PROFILE of competencies for the offered position, it will take you only 5 minutes.
Then you can compare the profiles of applicants who have applied to the published job offer and sort by coincidence percentage, helping you find the ideal candidate saving time and money in the selection process.

It's easy

Define the Skills Profile of the position you need to fill FOR FREE

DISCOVER the level of coincidence by comparing the profiles of the nominated candidates

FIND the ideal candidate saving time and money


  • Free
  • Define with greater accuracy the competencies required for the position
  • Compare the level of coincidence with the profiles of the postulates
  • Suggestions for preparing the interviews
  • Optimize the selection process

How does it work?

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Easily DEFINE the competency profile for the published position

OPTIMIZE the selection process, saving resources

We incorporate the Profile by Competences and we want to share part of the campaign with you: WATCH VIDEO

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